Our Parish Community

Welcome to The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Rochester’s oldest Catholic Church. We are vibrant and alive with more than 1,200 households calling our parish home. We also serve as home away from home for thousands of visitors of every faith each year.

For the greater community, as well as for our parishioners, St. John the Evangelist serves as a spiritual, educational and cultural center. Our parish regularly hosts concert series featuring national, regional and local artists and groups. The parish holds numerous educational seminars and workshops with noted global educators, authors and speakers.

Serving the needs of all who come to our door in the form of community outreach is one of our missions. Recognizing Christ is at the heart of service- parish groups and individuals support and volunteer in a number of organizations, including: Interfaith Hospitality Network, Dorothy Day Center, Ronald McDonald House, Channel One Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Lodge and the Mayo Clinic.

We come to share our story and together we form the community of St. John the Evangelist. Our journey is together as we share the stories of our lives—working, learning, playing and praying. We share our stories to open ourselves to others, to welcome each other into our lives and to grow in faith.

Praying Lent -

an Online Ministry of Creighton University


Dear Lord:
I love you.
Thank you for this season of Lent,
That I may turn back towards You,
That I may learn how to love.
Please give me strength
That my fast, my prayer, my almsgiving
Be invisible to those around me,
That it nourish my Spirit,
That it open all of my being to
Your call to love
Your call to action.
Guide my thought, my words, and my action towards Your Kingdom
That I may live and share Your Love,
In word, in thought, in deed,
With my neighbor as well as myself. Amen.

Faith in Action

Go inside, in whatever form you find best,
whether through prayer, journaling,
artistic expression, however you can best find your inner heart. Take a sweeping survey. Where is your love? Where is your joy? What needs modification?
How is your relationship with God?
How do you begin turning back to God?
Do not beat yourself up. Be Truthful. Be gentle with yourself.

Channel One - Reverse Collection



safe environment program

The mission of the Diocese of Winona's "Safe Environment Program" is to ensure the safety of children and young people who have been entrusted to our care in our parishes, schools, religious education classes, and other programs.

We pursue this mission in three ways:

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